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GWF MTK coder


Elvaco deliver high-quality meters for electricity, water and heat metering. We collaborate with some of the largest actors on the market to be able to offer flexible and cost-effective solutions that meet all our customers' needs.

GWF MTK coder

GWF MTWcoder is a multijet meter for warm and cold water metering with a high accuracy, even at low water flows. Registered meter values are read optically and communicated to a receiving system by M-Bus.

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Connections electriques

Caractéristiques électriques

Spécifications environnementales

Capteur de température, marge d'erreur

Capteur d'humidité, marge d'erreur

Interface utilisateur


Wireless M-Bus

Master M-Bus intégré

Récepteurs sans fil M-Bus

Interface esclave M-Bus


Stockage de données (exemples)

Réseau mobile

Réseau fixe (Ethernet)



Connections and Interfaces


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