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Elvaco Products and Solutions

Elvaco has a wide range of products and solutions to cover most needs of remote reading in all industries and applications.

We offer customized solutions for energy metering, whether you are looking for a product for a specific need or want a total service solution.
We have more than 30 years of experience in energy metering system solutions and our products are developed for all industries and applications. 




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All products you need to successfully build your end-to-end metering chain in the field.


High-quality meters from well-renowned meter partners for heat, water and electricity.


Easy-to-mount temperature and humidity sensors, at an attractive price point.


The right connectivity for your needs, retrofit or preassembled with your meter. 


The nuts and bolts for adapting and enhancing our products.


Elvaco Services offers services aimed at simplifying the everyday life of metering responsible personnel in energy companies and real estate companies.



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District heating

We have developed an optimized solution to cover most needs of measurements for modern district heating companies.

Real estate

We have solutions for both building automation and submetering for real estate companies.


We supply electricity meters from some of the world's largest meter manufacturers, as well as MCM and Gateways.


Elvaco delivers preprogrammed communication equipment with standard enclosure for all gas installations.


We have a solution for all kinds of water measurement, including products for detecting and reporting leaks as well as controlling flows.

Other industries

Our products offer a wide range of possibilities, such as the measuring of charging poles, solar power and greenhouse climate.


Product catalogue

Have a look in our product catalogue for a brief overview of our products.