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Czech republic

Enerfis s.r.o.

Enerfis s.r.o. was founded in 2011 and from the very beginning its focus was primarily on effective use of energy. They understand efficiency of use of energy resources as a key to success of their customers we are able to help with. Their clientele consists of developers, building owners, or companies engaged in property management, facility management, asset management, or companies that wish to optimize their internal processes with regard to minimization of energy demands. Enerfis s.r.o is also developing and running their own web based application, www.enectiva.cz, which is used by customers as a modern tool for on-line energy management.






SGE STAVEBNÍ s.r.o. is an Elvaco Certified Partner in Czech Republic.
Our company sells water meters, heat meters, components of AMR systems. We also perform the installation of these meters, meter readings and invoicing to consumers. Other activities are installation and repair of water supply, sewerage and wiring.



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