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Session cookies

Elvaco uses session cookies. A session cookie lives as long as your browser is open. When you close your browser the session cookie is lost. If you open a new browser, it creates a new session cookie.

ASP:NET_ SessionId
This cookie keeps track of what choices you make while browsing the site. It also keeps your interaction separated from other users on the site.

Usability cookie displaying how you have configured the presentation of the products.

As soon as you add products to the cart a cookie with your selection of products is set.

A cookie that is used during login process.

Other Cookies

Elvaco also saves other information in cookies. We save values that we use to retrieve your settings (such as automatic login, sorting in lists, etc.) in a database.

This cookie is used to identify you as a logged in user and contains a unique and auto generated user id. It will disappear when you log out, otherwise it is stored locally on your device for 3 days.

What happens when I accept cookies?
For security reasons you should use the Log Out button when you leave the site (this of course only applies if you have logged in).

The cookies we use do not save any personal information and/or information related to the pages you visit.

If you only accept so-called session cookies
You can use most of the functionality, even if you only accept session cookies. Login functionality will not work.

If you do not accept any cookies at all
You can not log in
You can not order
You can not add products to the cart
You can not fully use our website
You can read information with limitations
You can view products with limitations

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