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Elvaco broadens the range in LoRaWAN – launches a new meter module for heat meters

Elvaco broadens the range in LoRaWAN – launches a new meter module for heat meters

The rapid growth in digitalization and IoT, which connects different types of products to simplify functions in the society, requires new communication technologies that allow for long range and high energy-efficiency.

Elvaco offers solutions within several IoT technologies, such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT. Elvaco now broadens the range even further by launching a LoRaWAN module to the meters SensoStar and SensoStar C from Engelmann, a leading meter manufacturer for heat meters.

The new module, CMi4170, will be launched during autumn 2020. 


LoRaWAN – a growing technology 
LoRaWAN is a wireless communication technology based on open standards and is specifically designed for applications that demand long lifespan, battery operation and long range. In Sweden and Europe, the technology is advancing. In many places, initiatives are being taken to build LoRa networks that cover entire cities, which helps Elvaco see great potential in the technology. To broaden the range and be able to offer LoRaWAN modules to more meters on the market, Elvaco is now launching a module for the SensoStar heat meters from Engelmann.


The benefits of the product 
One thing that distinguishes Elvaco's module is that it is easy to get started with and to use. If you have access to a LoRa network, the module will connect to it and start working directly. It is also equipped with the feature EcoMode, which enables a long battery life (up to 10+1 years) without compromising performance. The module delivers time stamped meter values with high reliability and it also has a flexible message function with several formats.


A cost-effective solution with high reliability 
Elvaco’s new meter module provides a cost-effective communication solution that is easy to install and configure. The module is using open standards, which means great availability and flexibility to the customer. It is also very energy-efficient and has a long battery lifespan.


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