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We present our new NB-IoT module for heat meters

CMi6110, a new meter module with NB-IoT communication

CMi6110 is a NB-IoT communicating meter communication module for Landis+Gyr’s heat meter UH50/UC50. The module uses "plug-and-play", which means that it is easy to get started with and to use. CMi6110 delivers time stamped meter values with high reliability and it also supports several message formats so the user easily can adjust the collected data to any specific project. It is also easy to configure with our One-Touch Commissioning solution.

Some of the benefits:

  • Long range
  • Easy installation and configuration through our OTC concept
  • Customization through several message formats
  • Historical readouts and retries
  • Integrated in Elvaco EVO
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The technology NB-IoT

NB-IoT is a radio technology standard developed by 3GPP which utilizes the licensed frequency band. This means that the development is driven by telecom operators.​
NB-IoT is, like other LPWAN technologies, developed for applications that require a combination of long range and low battery power consumption.




Elvaco One-Touch Commissioning

Elvaco’s concept, One Touch Commissioning (OTC), is unique in the market. OTC offers the whole chain when it comes to security, easy deployment and configuration, where meter data is being delivered all the way to your energy monitoring system.

 The concept includes secure allocation and access of product keys through a cloud service for end user’s security. The appurtenant Android app, "Elvaco OTC App", makes it easy to configure and deploy the product with a mobile phone. The product uses NFC communication, which means that you only need to hold the phone against the product to make settings.


We see an increased demand for technologies that offer a combination of long range and many years of battery life. This means that NB-IoT will definitely play an important role in the future’s meter data collection, especially in projects where it is very important with a high ”Quality of Service” and low communication costs.

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