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Our new extended range of LoRaWAN modules for Smart Metering.

Focus on security and flexibility.

Elvaco has extended the range in LoRaWAN modules for heat meters and can now offer modules to all leading meter manufacturers for heat meters on the market. The modules have long range and high energy-efficiency to meet the needs in IoT.

With Elvaco One-Touch Commissioning that digitalizes the entire chain from ordering of the product to deployment, you also get a product that is both secure and easy to handle.

  • Several different message types
  • Time-stamped meter values
  • Long range
  • At least 11 years of battery life


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A cost-effective solution with high reliability

Elvaco's LoRaWAN meter modules bring a cost-effective solution that is easy to install thanks to assembly in existing meters. The products use open standard, which give the customer great availability and flexibility. The modules are also very energy efficient and have low power consumption which gives a battery life of at least 11 years (with EcoMode).

The products are unique thanks to their high flexibility with the ability to choose between several different message types. For example, the modules can deliver time-stamped meter values with high reliability where the customer can feel safe in getting their daily values delivered.


A reliable supplier with security in focus 

Elvaco’s concept, One Touch Commissioning (OTC), is unique in the market. OTC offers the whole chain when it comes to security, easy deployment and configuration, where meter data is being delivered all the way to your energy monitoring system.

The concept includes secure allocation and access of product keys for end user’s security. The appurtenant Android app, Elvaco OTC, is a part of the concept that makes the offer unique. The app communicates with the product via NFC, which means that the user does not need time-consuming configuration tools and can validate the installation directly. It also allows the user to control rights and prevent unauthorized access.

What differentiates us from other suppliers of IoT technique is our deep understanding of the application area and that we take the product all the way to a finished concept. With our OTC solution we digitalise the whole chain and it makes our product both unique, secure and easy to use.


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