Ensto One M-Bus and WM-Bus a charger for electric vehicles

Ensto One M-Bus and WM-Bus is a charger for electric vehicles in apartment buildings and workplaces that communicates via M-Bus or wireless M-Bus. It is equipped with a mechanical lock, DC monitoring, RFID, Type 2 socket and a charging power of 3.7 kW (1x16A). The charger is easily configured with the Ensto Charger Control app and can be connected via LAN to the Ensto EV Manager cloud service for user management, user-specific consumption reporting and load balancing.

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Conexiones eléctricas

Características electricas

Especificaciones ambientales

Sensor de temperatura, margen de error

Sensor de humedad, margen de error

Interfaz de usuario


Wireless M-Bus

Maestro M-Bus integrado

Receptores inalámbricos M-Bus

Interfaz esclava M-Bus


Almacenamiento de datos (ejemplos)

Red móvil

Red fija (Ethernet)



Connections and Interfaces


For downloads, please visit our support site at: https://support.elvaco.com

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