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KTC Control AB

KTC is an Elvaco Professional Partner in Sweden
KTC develops the market's most energy-efficient solutions in collaboration with Sweden's leading property owners. We help our customers manage energy at the lowest cost and consumption with local energy production and storage. Our digitalized connected energy services analyze, optimize and report climate impact and returns. We are a long-term and secure partner with almost 40 years of experience in building automation, digitalization, installation and management. ” KTC has for a long time pushed for the development of new solutions for intelligent energy optimization. With unique technical expertise and a large dose of curiosity, our engineers daily develop, test and refine the systems and products that enable us to deliver the market's most efficient energy solutions. KTC believes in a future where energy is free, without negative environmental impact, where people work and live with the highest possible quality of life.

Västberga Allé 5
83873 Hägersten


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