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The smarter way to reduce costs and climate impact

When you’re Öresundskraft, a Swedish energy supplier who looks to make a difference for its customers and the planet, you demand a lot from your technology and your partners. You need smart, energy- and cost-efficient solutions and support you can trust.

That’s why Öresundskraft chose to work with Elvaco and install tens of thousands of CMi6110 smart metering modules with NB-IoT for its heat meters.

The Challenge
Öresundskraft (a power company in northwestern Skåne) is one of the ten biggest Swedish energy suppliers. Owned by the Helsingborg municipal authority in Southwest Sweden, its mission for over 160 years has been to make sure people get the energy they need. For electricity, heating, cooling and gas as well as to power businesses and the community.

Contributing to a better society has always been at the core of Öresundskraft’s operation – which, in recent years, has been more focused on combating climate change and creating the conditions for a more sustainable future. One of the main ways Öresundskraft wants to make a difference is through smarter energy use, and better planning and control of district heating. This means replacing older heat meters with thousands of new smart meters by 2023.

The customer was in need of a new communication solution for these replacement meters as the older technology (2G) is being phased out. Because this would involve many thousands of units, it was vitally important that both the costs of the modules and the ongoing communication were low.

The Solution
Öresundskraft chose to go with upcoming technology that would last for decades while also meeting its requirements for a cost-effective solution. After discussions with Elvaco and field testing, the customer decided on CMi6110 modules with NB-IoT. With an open interface so that the customer could get the measured values ​​into their system, the modules can also be updated remotely to meet the intended lifespan of 10+ years.

CMi6110 is a meter communication module, mounted inside a Landis+Gyr UH50/UC50. The module delivers meter data to a receiving system via the NB-IoT network. Easily integrated using standard protocols such as MQTT-SN and LWM2M and easily configured through Elvaco OTC mobile app or via DM system, the CMi6110 has several different message formats and is ideal when long range is required. The module can also be battery operated for up to 7+1 years.

NB-IoT is a radio technology standard, developed to provide both long range and energy efficiency. NB-IoT is ideal for more demanding sensor and metering applications, as well as costing less than other comparable mobile telecom solutions.


The Results and Customer Verdict

By 2022, over 10,000 of the new modules have been successfully installed and integrated into the customer’s system.

“We looked at different suppliers and solutions. With so many units, cost – including cost in use – was a key factor. Then it was down to the trust and stability of the solution, and we were pleased to find an open solution that was easy to integrate with our own system.”
Tommy Pölönen, Meter engineer, Öresundskraft


“Working together with Elvaco has been a simple and positive experience. We get all the technical support we need but they also show their understanding and commitment to our business.”
Anders Erlandsson, Energy engineer, Öresundskraft