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Data acquisition and reading with wireless M-Bus 

Just like the classic M-Bus system, the wireless version also works according to a master-slave concept. A central unit, the so-called M-Bus master, controls numerous subordinate units, the slaves, which supply the master with data. This creates clear communication channels and dependencies between the individual actors within the infrastructure. A wireless M-Bus system can comprise several hundred slaves, which record specific sensor values, for example relating to energy consumption, but also to temperature and humidity. 

The slaves send their collected data to the master at the frequencies 868 MHz and 434 MHz, without any cabling. Since the selected frequencies are license-free values, the license fees for data transmission are waived. When the wireless M-Bus master arrives, the data supplied by the slaves is collected, processed and made available to the operator for evaluation.


From wireless M-Bus receiver to suitable sensors 

Elvaco has been using wireless M-Bus technology for many years to provide an uncomplicated and cost-effective alternative to the classic, wired M-Bus. With the wireless M-Bus receiver CMeX50 and the CMi Box receiver, we have developed a professional and powerful solution for managing and controlling up to 800 M-Bus meters. Our range of wireless M-Bus technology is rounded off by a range of compatible meters and sensors.


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