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CEBYC AS is an Elvaco Preferred Partner and reseller in Norway.
Cebyc AS and Cebyc GmbH are market leaders in their markets in the energy conduction software Energinet. We provide collection systems for all types of meters within our market.
Our Energinet Software is designed for both the professional market, the SME market and for energy suppliers. We have customers in all segments and is represented in 14 countries

Ista Norway AS

ista Norway AS is an Elvaco Preferred Partner and reseller in Norway.
ista is a provider of remotely read meters for submetering. We supply meters and systems for remote reading of heat (radiator and floor), hot and cold water in cooperatives and condominiums. The different systems are adapted to customer needs and can easily be scaled up so that moisture meters and smoke detectors can be integrated in the same system.


MeterTech AS is an Elvaco Preferred Partner and reseller in Norway.

Correct metering is a success factor!
MeterTech AS's services:
Sales of meters and communication for waterborne heat
Collection of meter values
Accredited for control of electric meters
Field control of heat meters
Independent management system for meters and measuring points on both heat and electricity

Norway's two largest district heating companies and a number of network companies use our independent component register.


Adaptic is an Elvaco Certified Partner and reseller in Norway.
Adaptic provides its customer solutions for fast and streamlined capture, transport, analysis and visualization of data. This allows for data-driven decision making, optimized operations, maintenance and environmental management of buildings, telecom and utility networks.



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