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Ista Danmark A/S

ista Denmark AS is an Elvaco Preferred Partner and reseller in Denmark.
ista is a provider of remotely read meters for submetering. We supply meters and systems for remote reading of heat (radiator and floor), hot and cold water in cooperatives and condominiums. The different systems are adapted to customer needs and can easily be scaled up so that moisture meters and smoke detectors can be integrated in the same system.

JS Teknik

JS Teknik is an Elvaco Certified Partner  in Denmark.
JS Teknik is specialized in making remote reading of electricity, water and heat meters. We do everything from installation, to setup of meters in software programs for meter collection. We also make integration with other systems such as CTS and Building Automation Systems.

Varmekontrol A/S

Varmekontrol AS is an Elvaco Preferred Partner and reseller in Denmark.
Varmekontrol AS has since 1958 produced metering data for heat and cold water for housing ownership and cooperatives, private owners of rental properties and businesses in Denmark. Varmekontrol AS has from the start emphasized on being a leader in quality, service and flexibility. Varmekontrol AS is a part of ista Denmark AS.

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