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Remote reading for district heating

Remote reading for district heating

The German regulation FFVAV (Fernwärme- oder Fernkälte-Verbrauchserfassung und Abrechnungsverordnung - District Heating or District Cooling Consumption and Billing Regulation) poses challenges for district heating and cooling suppliers.

Billing data and consumption information must be visually provided to customers on a monthly basis.

Currently, three technologies (Wireless M-Bus, NB-IoT and LoRaWAN) are emerging for the automation of data transmission in the supply network.

Read about this in the expert contribution by Thomas Nickel, Elvaco. In which application area which technology has its strengths and find your suitable technology. Netz Leipzig, has been using the BSI-compliant Wireless M-Bus protocol for years. Erik Epler, Netz Leipzig GmbH, explains the way of the automation in a Best Practice report.   

The article was published in the expert portal https://www.emw-online.com


Pdf version:  emw_21-5_10_E_and_I_Fernablesung fur Fernwarme 





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