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Visit us at LoRa Virtual Trade Show

Visit us at LoRa Virtual Trade Show

We invite you to explore our solutions for the Smart Utility industry in a free virtual trade show hosted by Semtech.

At the Enlit exhibition, we will show for the first time a demo together with Semtech, where Elvaco provides an adaptation layer to support M-Bus data over LoRaWAN® integrated with Semtech’s LoRa Basics™ Modem.

Parallel to the Enlit exhibition you also have the possibility to learn more about this new application at the virtual trade show hosted by Semtech. 

Visit us in Semtech’s virtual trade show featuring LoRaWAN® ecosystem companies transforming smart utilities! Explore videos, downloads and more exclusive resources for utilities, and learn how LoRa is revolutionizing the industry: https://go.semtech.com/enlit

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