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Let’s meet at Enlit!

Let’s meet at Enlit!

At the Enlit exhibition, we will show for the first time a demo together with Semtech, where Elvaco provides an adaptation layer to support M-Bus data over LoRaWAN® integrated with Semtech’s LoRa Basics™ Modem.

You will learn how standard and interoperable smart metering solutions will reduce cost and complexity.

The demo will show OMS data over LoRaWAN® in real time visualized in the Elvaco EVO Cloud. This solution provides the benefits of using OMS standard, together with all the benefits for LoRaWAN®, such as long-range coverage, energy-efficiency and deep indoor penetration, for devices hard to reach. 

The LoRa Alliance and OMS Group have announced on November 9th 2021 in result from liaison collaboration the validation of technical recommendation to transport OMS over LoRaWAN®. This new specification reduces the complexity and costs of integration for utilities with in turn increases their return on investment (ROI).

Reach out to book a meeting with us or come visit us on Semtech's booth 8.D40 at Enlit exhibition in Milan on November 30 to December 2. 

Read more in the official press release of LoRa Alliance

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