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Elvaco now offers a broader range of sensors

Elvaco now offers a broader range of sensors

We are happy to announce Elsys as a new partner, which means that we now can offer a broader range of sensors. 

The Elsys sensors communicate through LoRaWAN and come in many variations. You can for instance measure temperature, humidity, CO2 level, movement and VOC level. The senors are divided in three different product series - ERS, EMS and ELT. Each series have different focus and functionalities with multiple products to meet customer needs. There are sensors available for both indoor and outdoor use and they are small and easy to use. The configuration of the products is done with a user-friendly mobile app.

With these new sensors from Elsys, our offering to the market is complete. Besides temperature and humidity, already existing in Elvaco’s portfolio, we can now also offer sensors for CO2 level, VOC (Volatile organic compound) and more.

The sensors have up to 10 years expected battery life time, replaceable batteries and are compatible with all LoRaWAN frequencies in the world.

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