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Elvaco speaks at a LoRa Alliance webinar

Elvaco speaks at a LoRa Alliance webinar

On November 18, LoRa Alliance will be hosting the webinar "How do M-Bus and LoRaWAN® strengthen each other? - A Close-up on Heat Metering".

In this webinar, LoRa Alliance®️ members Elvaco and Birdz together with a guest speaker from KELAG Energi & Wärme, will explain how smart heat metering can benefit from LoRaWAN®️ to improve operations and cost efficiency. How can utilities and their customers use this technology to their advantage?
They will also discuss the benefits of using the M-Bus standard data payload and hear first hand experiences from an ongoing implementation at KELAG.

When: November 18, 3:00PM CEST / 9:00AM ET

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