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Elvaco products in Energy House 2.0

Elvaco products in Energy House 2.0

The construction of Energy House 2.0 in England has begun. It is a major £16m test facility, that will explore future issues facing the housing market in the areas of energy systems and energy efficiency.

The University of Salford has led the way in using innovative whole house methods to help businesses quickly bring new products and services to market.

Energy House 2.0 is the largest test facility of its kind. Elvaco has supplied wired and wireless M-Bus products to monitor energy consumption as well as temperature/humidity both inside and outside the building. Researchers can build full scale homes inside a hermetically sealed climate chamber to test all sorts of weather conditions – rain, snow, sun, wind. The hardware supplied by Elvaco will enable the researchers to monitor the exact climatic conditions both inside and outside the houses inside the chamber.

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