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Elvaco launches NB-IoT module for heat meter 

Elvaco launches NB-IoT module for heat meter 

The rapid growth in digitalization and IoT, which connects different types of products to simplify functions in the society, puts higher demands on reach, lifespan and security.

Elvaco offers solutions within several IoT technologies, such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT and is now expanding the range with a meter connectivity module for NB-IoT. 

NB-IoT – a progressing technology 

NB-IoT is a progressing technology with a growing demand in the marketNB-IoT is, just like LoRaWAN, a communication technology developed for IoT applications that require low power consumption and long range. The technology fits well in contexts where you want to communicate cost-effectivelywith long reach and high energy efficiency NB-IoT networks are operated and maintained by the mobile operators, which ensures that the network is not overloaded and that collisions are avoided. In this way, the users get a high-quality network.   

The product CMi6110and its benefits 

CMi6110 is a NB-IoT communicating meter communication module foLandis+Gyrs heat meter UH50/UC50. One thing that distinguishes Elvaco modules, including CMi6110, is that they are easy to get started with and to use. They work according to ”plug ‘n play”, which means that they connect to the network and start delivering data directly at start up. CMi6110 delivers time stamped meter values with high reliability and it supports several message formats so the user easily can adjust the collected data to any specific projectThe product supports readout of historical values to fill gaps in measurement series due to, for instanceinterruptions in the mobile networks. 

A reliable supplier with security in focus 

Elvacos concept, One Touch Commissioning (OTC), is unique in the marketOTC offers the whole chain when it comes to security, easy deployment and configurationwhere meter data is being delivered all the way to your energy monitoring system. The concept includes secure allocation and access of product keys through a cloud service for end user’s security. The appurtenant Android app, Elvaco OTC, makes it easy to configure and deploy the product with a mobile phone. The product uses NFC communication, which means that you only need to hold the phone against the product to apply settings 

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