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Elvaco broadens the range in LoRaWAN – launches four new meter modules for heat meters

Elvaco broadens the range in LoRaWAN – launches four new meter modules for heat meters

Elvaco offers solutions within several IoT technologies, such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT. Now, we broaden the range even further by launching LoRaWAN-modules to all leading meter manufacturers for heat meters.

LoRaWAN – a growing technology
LoRaWAN is a wireless communication technology based on open standards and is specifically designed for applications that demand long lifespan, battery operation and long range. In Sweden and Europe, the technology is advancing. In many places, initiatives are being taken to build LoRa networks that cover entire cities, which helps Elvaco see great potential in the technology. To broaden the range and be able to offer LoRaWAN modules to more meters on the market, Elvaco is now launching modules for four additional heat meters from prominent partners.

The benefits of the products
One thing that distinguishes Elvaco modules is that they are easy to get started with and to use. If you have access to a LoRa network, the modules will connect to it and start working directly. They are also equipped with the feature EcoMode, which guarantees a long battery life (up to 11 years) without compromising performance.

The modules deliver time stamped meter values with high reliability and they also have a flexible message function with several formats.

A reliable supplier with security in focus
Elvaco’s concept, One Touch Commissioning (OTC), is unique in the market. OTC offers the whole chain when it comes to security, easy deployment and configuration, where meter data is being delivered all the way to your energy monitoring system.

The concept includes secure allocation and access of product keys for end user’s security. The appurtenant Android app, Elvaco OTC, is a part of the concept that makes the offer unique. The app communicates with the product via NFC, which means that the user does not need time-consuming configuration tools and can validate the installation directly. It also allows the user to control rights and prevent unauthorized access.

 A cost-effective solution with high reliability
Elvaco’s new meter modules provide a cost-effective communication solution that is easy to install and configure. The modules are using open standards, which means great availability and flexibility to the customer. They are also very energy-efficient and have a long battery lifespan.


The new modules will be launched in the beginning of 2020. 


For questions regarding the products, please contact Anton Larsson, Product Manager, Meter Connectivity Modules & Cloud Solutions, +46 300 30271 / anton.larsson@elvaco.se 

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