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Elvaco delivers LoRaWAN sensors to KKB Fastigheter AB

Elvaco delivers LoRaWAN sensors to KKB Fastigheter AB

At the beginning of the summer, Elvaco started a project with KKB Fastigheter AB, a real estate company in Southern Sweden, for delivery and mounting of our LoRaWAN sensor CMa11L in 2650 apartments.

The installation started in August and the plan is for the work to be completed before Christmas.
Besides Elvaco, Blink is part of the project as a LoRa network operator and Qualit as an installation partner. The project is one of Sweden's first large projects with LoRaWAN communicating sensors. This collaboration means that a big part of southwestern Skåne region will be covered with LoRaWAN network.

”We are both happy and proud that KKB Fastigheter chose our LoRaWAN communicating indoor sensor for measuring temperature/humidity in all of their apartments. Besides high quality, good measuring performance and long battery life time, we have also equipped the product with Elvaco One-Touch Commissioning (OTC). OTC makes it possible to configure/deploy your devices in a simple, flexible and secure way with an Android app and a mobile phone via NFC. Simplicity and security are the cornerstones of the OTC concept, but the main purpose is to digitize the work flow.”

- Michael Allard, Manager Sales Sweden, Elvaco AB

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