Elvaco launches a new generation temperature and humidity sensors which opens up for new possibilities.

Elvaco launches a new generation temperature and humidity sensors which opens up for new possibilities.

During spring/summer 2018, Elvaco launches a new generation of temperature and humidity sensors, CMa Series G.2. The new sensors are a development of our previous product series with introduction of NFC as the biggest change.

 NFC, near field communication, opens up for several new possibilities and functions. For example, tenants get the possibility to affect the indoor temperature by setting setpoints with their phone. The setpoints are sent via our gateway to the house's control system where the temperature is regulated. NFC also facilitates installation and configuration of the product, as the installer can directly modify the product settings in a phone with a simple operation.

The new generation sensors replace the entire previous range of both wired and wireless sensors for indoor use. The new products are completely backward compatible with interfaces and operations, and have the same physical dimensions as before. In addition to NFC, the products also have a new discreet design and extended support for more languages (Swedish, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Finnish).

Temperature sensors are an important part of Elvaco's product range to easily enable measurement and controlling of indoor climate in buildings. Elvaco's temperature sensors are used by both small and large companies in energy saving and submetering projects. The sensors have been particularly appreciated because they are easy to install and configure as well as for their high precision.

Anton Larsson, Product Manager, Launch & Aftermarket says:
"It is clear that we have found right with design, price and function and we have seen steadily increasing demand from the real estate industry on our previous generation of sensors. In our new generation we have sharpened the design, expanded with more languages and introduced NFC for communication between the sensor and, for example, a mobile app. Just NFC is a very exciting opportunity and a first step in Elvaco's strategy to offer support for digitalized processes in installation and maintenance of our equipment."

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