Elvaco meets the need for new technologies within IoT, launches LoRa module for heat meter

Elvaco meets the need for new technologies within IoT, launches LoRa module for heat meter

The rapid growth in digitalization and IoT, which connects different types of products to simplify functions in the society, requires new communication technologies that allow for long range and high energy-efficiency.

To meet this demand, Elvaco has developed CMi4110, a connectivity module for the heat meter Landis+Gyr UH50 and the calculator Landis+Gyr UC50. The module is mounted in the meter or calculator and communicates meter values via LoRaWAN, an open standard wireless communication technology.

A cost-effective solution with high reliability
Elvaco's CMi4110 is a cost-effective solution that can be used to easily retrofit an already-operating set of meters. The product uses open standard, which gives the customer great availability and flexibility. The CMi4110 is also very energy-efficient and has a low power consumption which enables it to operate for up to 11 years in-field.

The product is unique thanks to its high flexibility with the ability to choose between several different message types. For example, the module can deliver time-stamped meter values with high reliability where the customer can rest assured that their daily meter values will be delivered.

Many advantages with the LoRa network
CMi4110 communicates via LoRaWAN, a wireless communication technology, specifically designed for IoT applications that demand long range and very high energy efficiency. The technology enables new possibilities and is expected to appear in many products in the future. The technology is based on short messages and adapted data rates, which gives it a range of up to 15 km. This means that with a few gateways you can create a city-wide IoT network. LoRaWAN is open for everyone, which means that no fees are required for sending data. The transfer is secure and encrypted via AES128 algorithms.

OTC digitalizes the entire workflow
One thing that differentiates CMi4110 from other products on the market is the OTC concept (One Touch Commissioning), that digitalizes the entire chain - from ordering of the product all the way to deployment.

With a simple push of a button, the product is deployed and can send meter data via the LoRaWAN network into the metering portal Elvaco Evo. Our Android app makes management and deployment easy and secure. In the app you can also allow product access to selected users. Simplicity and security are the pillars of the OTC concept, but the main purpose is to digitalize the workflow.

Landis+Gyr UH50
Landis+Gyr UH50 is a complete meter for heat or cold metering, available in a wide range of dimensions. The meter can be battery-operated and is easily customized to different projects through option boards. Besides the LoRa module CMi4110, Elvaco also offers meter connectivity modules for communication over the 2G network and wireless M-Bus.

Read more about the product here.


Anton Larsson, Product Manager, Launch & Aftermarket says:
”At Elvaco, connectivity is our area of expertise. We continuously evaluate new IoT technologies and assess how they can be applied to improve and complement our offering. CMi4110 is our first LoRaWAN product, but we plan on expanding our portfolio to meet the growing demand of IoT products that allow for long range and exceptional energy-efficiency. What distinguishes us from other IoT technology providers is our deep understanding within the area – we have helped our customers to connect meters for 20 years. With our OTC solution we will make it easier than ever for customers to deploy, configure and administrate their devices.”

If you have any questions regarding the products, contact Anton Larsson, Product Manager, Launch & Aftermarket, +46 30030271 / anton.larsson@elvaco.se


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