Elvaco measures Panncentralen in Gothenburg

Elvaco measures Panncentralen in Gothenburg

Panncentralen in Gothenburg was initially an oil-fired central. Over the years, it has gone from using waste heat from nearby industries to district heating from the local energy supplier.

When the agreement expired, the central was converted into Sweden's largest geothermal heat pump for homes that currently supplies 2200 apartments with geothermal energy. The peak power of the plant including district heating load is approximately 6MW of which 3.2 MW is supplied by the heat pump.

When the central was rebuilt to deliver heat from geothermal energy, the need for a safe collection system also increased. The choice fell on Elvaco products and software thanks to their high security and good references and previous experiences.

The products currently used are CMe3100, CMe2100, and the software Metering.

Panncentralen Frölundaborg Economic Association is a unique partnership between private property owners, public housing and housing societies at HSB and Riksbyggen. Riksbyggen Economic Association manages the operation of the plant.


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