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Elvaco has, since its founding, served thousands of satisifed customers around the world and across many industries and applications.

You will find our products in many countries spread across almost all continents. Customer success and satisfaction is extremely important to us. Please read below for a few words from some of our customers.

Växjö Energy

Växjö Energy offers products and services in the areas of electricity, district heating and district cooling in Växjö Municipality. They have been a customer of ours for many years and we deliver both measurement and infrastructure products as well as our service. They have made larger installations in both sub-metering, electricity and district heating and are using for example our external Gateway CMe2100 and our internal Gateway CMi2110.

”VEAB and Elvaco have collaborated for a long time in the meter value collection process, and it has worked very well. It is important to ensure high quality readings, and to do so, you need a partner who understands your specific needs. Elvaco is such a partner for us.”
Peter Magnusson, Sektionschef Mätservice Elnät, VEAB


Bostads AB Vätterhem

Vätterhem is the largest housing company in Jönköping. Almost 17 000 people live in Vätterhem apartments, equivalent to about one in eight residents of the Municipality of Jönköping. Vätterhem works extensively with energy saving, including measurement and adjustment of indoor temperature and sub-metering of hot water and electricity. The latter has changed the behaviour of the tenants and reduced the hot water consumption by 20-25 percent and the electricity consumption by a total of about 50 percent since 2005. Elvaco has, since 2009, been a supplier of meters, temperature sensors, our IP-communicating Gateways CMe3000 and CMe3100, as well as a metering collection system. Today, Vätterhem measures electricity consumption in 4500 apartments, water consumption in 8500 apartments and temperature in all of their apartments. They set up measurement in all new productions and also connect CMe3100 to the house's control system for controlling of the property based on temperature and weather.

”We are very pleased and have only positive experiences from our collaboration with Elvaco. All aspects, such as engineering, installation, education, support and operation have worked very well.”
Afrim Alijevski, Electricity and energy engineer, Bostads AB VätterHem


Fortum Oslo Varme

Fortum Oslo Varme has been using Elvaco's Metering Gateway CMe2100 since summer 2012 to enable hourly reading of their heat meters at tenant-owned premises and businesses. Since 2017, they have also begun using CMe3100 for all new customers and the goal is for all of their 2050 hourly measured facilities, condominiums and corporate customers to have Elvaco collection before 1 December 2017.  They chose products from Elvaco because of their high quality, easy installation and flexibility. The products provide a good monitoring of the collection because they immediately send alerts when the meter is malfunctioning and it is easy to collect data in real time. Fortum Oslo Heating also uses Elvaco's software Metering and they are connected to our collection service.

”The CMe Gateways from Elvaco give us a cost-effective and reliable meter value collection with great flexibility."
Esten Koren, Meter engineer, Fortum Oslo Varme AS


E.ON Gas

In recent years, a legal requirement for remote reading of customer facilities has been introduced for electricity and district heating companies. Gas companies have not had the same requirements, but E.ON Gas saw a customer value in introducing remote reading of their facilities as well. The end customers benefit from being charged for their actual consumption in the same way as for electricity and district heating. E.ON Gas needed a safe collection method and because there were risks in pulse metering, the choice instead fell on a safer metering method via M-Bus.

The fact that they chose Elvaco as a supplier was partly due to the fact that E.ON’s district heating section already had metering via Elvaco and that they could then get a total solution for both gas and heat. Another important factor was that they needed an open solution, they did not want to tie themselves to a specific supplier. Energy companies are more and more turning towards using open solutions and this has always been one of the cornerstones of Elvaco's solution.

E.ON Gas uses primarily Elvaco's Metering Gateway CMe2100 and until 2019, they will set up 12,000 measurement points.

"Elvaco provides good customer service and meets our specific requirements for development. The reason we chose their CMe2100 is that it is easy to install and is affordable, which is a great combination."
Peter Jönsson, Project Manager E.ON Gas


MKB Fastighets AB

MKB Fastighets AB is one of Sweden's largest public housing companies. With 23 286 apartments and 1 100 commercial premises, MKB is the largest housing company in Malmö. since 2013, they have been installing hot water meters in their existing apartments which saves 20-30% of the hot water in their properties. In new productions, they are installing both meters for cold and hot water as well as temperature and humidity sensors. They are using Elvaco as a supplier of meters, collection system and collection services. Via Elvaco's service, MinEnergi Hemma, The tenants can log in and see their consumption and cost directly on the web. MKB also has projects with environmentally friendly laundry rooms that will be evaluated in competition with traditional laundry rooms. Elvaco helped to measure consumption and the number of times the washing machines have been used to measure savings of both costs and the environment.

"We are very pleased with our cooperation with Elvaco."
Björn Hasselquist, Project Manager IMD, MKB Fastighets AB



Norrköping's largest housing company, Hyresbostäder, were among the first companies in the country to introduce sub-metering. The first project was started in Ringdansen as early as the beginning of the 21st century.

In 2008, a requirement was introduced for energy saving for Norrköping's municipal companies. Together they should save 30% by 2030. Because of this, a pilot project was initiated in the area of ​​Ättetorp on a house that had a high power consumption and where the electricity was included in the rent. It was within this pilot project that products from Elvaco first was used. They started measuring electricity, hot water and temperature. During a period before they started debiting, they visualized for the tenants what their consumption would cost. This made the tenants more aware and they reduced their consumption by about 20% already within a few months.

After this successful pilot project, Hyresbostäder has introduced metering in all their buildings. They measure electricity, water and temperature and also send values ​​to the house's automation system for controlling based on reference temperature. They use Elvaco's Gateways CMe3000 and CMe3100, meters for water and temperature, and our software to get an overview of their meter data.

Elvaco's existing infrastructure is also used in their energy optimization project with NODA.

Christofer Wass, Application Specialist at Hyresbostäder, explains that the reason they chose Elvaco products was their open standard. They do not need to invest in several systems, they can use the Elvaco system for everything.


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