Other industries

Our products are easy to adapt to a wide range of applications, for example charging poles for electric cars, solar power and greenhouse climate. 

Our customers are companies with the need of collecting meter values with automatic meter reading. All of our products are built on established standards which allow fast and easy implementation to existing billing and reporting systems.

Example of areas where our products are used: 

  • Metering of EV charging stations
  • Metering of solar energy 
  • Production metering from solar cells 
  • Climate metering in greenhouses
  • Temperature metering around high voltage lines  


  • Fixed price - per metering point including communication and SIM card

  • Monitoring - of meters and consumption patterns

  • Integration - to your existing economy- or energy systems 

  • No lock-up time - and you can at any time turn on/off the services for your meters

  • High quality - of delivery of your meter values for correct billing


M-Bus Metering Gateway 
for mobile network

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M-Bus Metering Gateway 
for fixed network

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Elvaco Services

Remote- and sub

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